Premium WA avocados that help you (and the planet) live happily avo after

Western Australia, Australia

Br-avo, you’ve reached Avowest’s digital home. As you can see, we’re the king of avo dad-jokes

We’re also famously good at growing them

Quality Avos. Period

After all, in the entire world, here’s the number of people who like shoddy avos: 0

Environmentally friendly

Off-the-charts quality means more than just deliciousness. It has to please the planet too

Local, family-owned

After 40 years, we’re still a family-owned grower focused on quality. Not quantity

Avowest Mascot

Avocado Fun Facts

The Latin word for me (avocado) is: Persea americana. I originate from south-central Mexico.  If my memory serves me right, when the Aztecs discovered us around 500 BC (give or take, memory not as sharp… Continue reading

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