Avocado – Hass – information

A Hass Avocado opened

Hass Avocado
(Persea Americana)

Hass is the dominant commercial variety of avocado throughout the world, including Australia.  Trees are large and usually highly productive.  Hass fruit has an excellent, creamy flavour, unlike most commercial avocados,
In Perth, Hass avocados are mature from late winter through spring

Has Avocado Riping stages

Hass fruit change colour as they ripen going from:
Green to Olive Brown and finally a Purple colour.

Fruit Characteristics

Traditional Oval shape, with medium seed
Medium thick skin, with a pebbly feel
Creamy texture & flavour
Medium (180-350g)
Flower Type (click for definition)
Flower Type = A
It is Ripe when
Green to Olive Brown, then Purple colour
Fruit Availability (Perth Area)
Later Winter through to Spring

Tree Characteristics

Height up to 8m
Width up to 6m
Full Sun position preferred

The History of the Hass Avocado tree is fascinating. The ‘Mother Tree’ for example was 76 years old when it passed away.