Our Story – Avowest Avocados

Western Australia, Australia

Avowest Farm in 1984 and 2019

The Short Story

At Avowest, we sustainably grow off-the-chart quality avos, so you (and the planet) can feel good. Since planting our first avo tree almost 40 years ago, we have remained an independent, family-owned grower focused on quality. Not quantity. This way, you don’t have to resort to shoddy avos, imported or unethically-produced. Instead, you can have delicious avos grown on home turf, and you can enjoy this healthy deliciousness, while caring for the planet too.

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The Slightly Less Short Story

We planted our first avo tree on our family farm near Perth, WA, almost 40 years ago. So, long before cafes served smashed-av on toast. 

Back then avo-enthusiasts were actually quite rare. So to plant over 40 hectares of trees wasn’t necessarily the best business move at the time. But we did it anyway. After all, a life without avos is a life not worth living, we say.

WA avo pioneers

As one of the avo pioneers in WA, we experimented a lot in the early days. With new varieties and methods of growing. 

We found out what made shoddy avos. You know, the types with brown spots, stringy bits, wooden nubs, and ones that are too soft or hard. Urgh!

But we also became adept at the art and science of growing off-the-chart quality fruit, every time, as well. We’re talkin’ about avos that:

  • Ripen perfectly after you take it home
  • Have that beautiful light greeny yellow colour
  • Are creamy. Mmm
  • Have a good avo to stone ratio.
  • Come away from the skin easily.
  • Are firm but still mashable with a fork.

Did you just say off-the-chart quality?

Overtime, we realised that growing off-the-chart avos shouldn’t just be about the final delicious fruit. The agricultural process matters too.

Industrial agriculture—the method by which most people in the western world grow avos—degenerates the local ecosystem. On the other hand we began investing in more sustainable measures.

We installed renewable energy sources, irrigation systems that save water, and farmed using regenerative principles that regenerate the health of the soil—which helps suck excess carbon out of the atmosphere, not put more in.

Turns out, because we use these natural methods, the avos tasted better and were more nutritious for you too.

Avos, the biggest food fad since weetbix

After a couple of decades of sustainably growing off-the-chart produce, our avos became very popular. In fact, everyone’s did. Like a lot. As we all know now, this wondrous fruit became the biggest food fad since Wheetbix.

We were certainly grateful. All our hard work began to pay off. But, due to the popularity, another challenge arose:

Today, avos means big business. Now there are more multi-nationals, big investors, and importers. A lot of them make good businesses, but not always the best avos.

You see, when these folk cut costs, they often cut quality too and you get shoddy avos like the ones we mentioned before.

We’re still not making the best business decisions

Luckily for you, unlike them, we’re still not making the best business decisions, as far as bottom lines go. Just as we did the day we grew our first tree, we’re here to make avos we’re proud of and have a positive impact on the planet along the way.

So while the industry has grown, we’ve remained small,  family-owned, local, and environmentally-friendly. This way, you and the planet can live happily avo after.

The end. For now.