Pomegranate – Jodhpur Red – information

Pomegranate - Jodhpur Red

Jodhpur Red

Jodhpur Red fruit is round, smooth and pink in colour with reddish tinge.

Internally the Arils (seeds) are light pink in colour, sweet & juicy in taste and are very soft.

Pomegranate - Jodhpur Red - seeds

When do we know it is Ripe: … When fruit have a Red Blush.

Fruit Characteristics

  • Round & Smooth
  • Pink in colour with reddish tinge
  • Light Pink seeds (Arils)
  • Arils are sweet & Juicy … very soft
  • Juice is Pink not red, but beautiful, with a Delicate flavour

Tree Characteristics

  • A Deciduous tree (leaves fall in Winter months)
  • Frost tolerant (protect in Spring)
  • Drought tolerant too
  • Dwarf tree – height up to 2m
  • Height up to 5m

Pomegranate Tree - Jodhpur Red