Pomegranate – Rosavaya – information

Pomegranate - Gulosha Rosavaya - fruit

Gulosha Rosavaya

Gulosha Rosavaya – From Russia with love comes this perfect pomegranate. Light pink, slightly large sized fruit which contain a mass of sweet, juicy, large & slightly acidic seeds (Arils) that are magnificent in flavour.

Pomegranate - Gulosha Rosavaya seeds

When do we know it is Ripe: … When fruit are there best Light Pink & Bright Red seeds.

Fruit Characteristics

  • Large size fruit
  • Skin light Pink in colour
  • Large red Arils, are Sweet & Juicy
  • More acidic than the Wonderful variety
  • Beautiful flavour
  • Fruiting in the Perth region normally: Autumn through to Winter

Tree Characteristics

  • A Deciduous tree (leaves fall in Winter months)
  • Frost tolerant (protect in Spring)
  • Drought tolerant
  • Dwarf tree – height up to 2m
  • Height up to 5m