Pomegranate – Wonderful – information

Pomegranate Wonderful


Wonderful is a commonly grown commercial variety, usually being highly productive. Possibly the most popular pomegranate in the world.  Beautiful, medium to large, deep red fruit with bright red flesh, an attractive tree too. 

The seeds (Arils) red in colour are juicy, slightly sweet, fragrant, and perfect for juicing – deep red in colour, eating fresh (straight out of the hands), and in a recipe, as the seeds are soft.

When do we know it is Ripe: … When fruit are Bright Red.

Fruit Characteristics

  • Medium size fruit
  • Claret Red skin
  • Wonderful to eat out of the hand – fresh & soft the seeds that is!
  • Slightly acidic, with deep red juice & awesome flavour
  • Very good for Juicing purposes
  • Fruiting in the Perth region normally: Autumn through to Winter

Tree Characteristics

  • A Deciduous tree (leaves fall in Winter months)
  • Frost tolerant (protect in Spring)
  • Drought tolerant too
  • Dwarf tree – height up to 2m
  • Height up to 5m

Pomegranate Tree - Wonderful