Our Climate

At our farms in Gingin and Carabooda we experience a Mediterranean climate.  Our trees experience frosts in winter and heatwaves over summer.  For a tree that evolved in sub-tropical central America these represent extreme conditions and can make sustaining high yields difficult.  The diseases that have evolved with avocados though also find the conditions extreme.  The most common rot of avocados is anthracnose.  This requires warm wet conditions to infect the fruit.  These conditions are rarely experienced at Avowest.  This means that our fruit is less likely to experience rots than avocados from “better” growing areas.

Too Cold

Too Cold

Lizard cooling down

Too hot.  Even the lizards need to cool down when it’s over 40oC

Anthracnose rot

Anthracnose rot. 

Conditions unsuitable for this at Avowest

West Australia is geographically isolated and doesn’t have many of the pests and diseases that are problems for avocado growers elsewhere.  We rarely have to spray insecticides.  Our soils, like our climate are awful for avocados.  In Carabooda we are growing trees on old sand dunes.  These soils have poor nutrient and water holding capabilities but are well aerated and give us some defence against Phytophthora – the main root disease of avocados in the world.  At Avowest we have turned our poor growing conditions into an advantage for fruit quality.

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