Summer Heat & Pruning

February 2020

Looking forward to wrapping the summer up.  I suspected it was going to be bad when we were topping 40oC in the middle of November.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t wrong and it’s been the hottest summer we have had for a while.  The fruit is hanging in there though.  Fruitset on our new Carabooda orchard was a casualty of the early hot weather.  The young trees set a decent crop but are very exposed to north easterly winds and had dropped most of their avocados by Christmas.  Our Gingin farm has a reasonable crop at this stage.  Trees there are medium age (4-8 years) and are large enough to give each another some shelter from drying winds.  The old trees (20 – 40 years) on Avowest’s original orchard in Carabooda have a mostly heavy crop.  I keep threatening to pull them out but they just keep producing.

Pruning and mulching is still underway at Carabooda.  I’ve finally got a grapple attachment on my excavator working properly.  Sadly because I’m still pruning in February I’m cutting a lot of fruit off.  I guess an optimist would look at what is still left on the trees.

summer heat pruning
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