Avowest Quality Assessment results

As you know, Avowest Avocados prides itself on producing and supplying quality avocados.

An independent quality monitoring program, conducted by Applied Horticultural Research, purchased two samples of our avocados (10 fruit each) recently (Sept 2020) from two different retail store displays and an internal quality was assessed once fruit reached the ripe stage.

We are please to say, our 20 fruit sampled were rated 0% of the flesh having damage by bruising, rots, vascular browning or flesh discolouration.

*In the study fruit are considered acceptable quality to consumers if less than 10% of flesh is damaged by bruising, rots, vascular browning or flesh discolouration.

Lookout for our Avowest Avocados sticker

Avowest Avocados sticker

ahr's Report Card

About the quality monitoring program

Project AV19003 has been funded by Hort Innovation using the avocado research and development levy and funds from the Australian Government.

The project commenced in May 2020 and will continue for 3 years, undertaking regular (nearly weekly) assessments of avocado quality at retailers in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide. At least 567 separate quality assessments will be made each year.

Results from this program will help avocado suppliers and retailers identify quality improvement opportunities in real-time, as well as providing an objective measure of how well the avocado industry is tracking on their mission to improve the consumer eating experience of avocados. 

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