Avowest Quality Assessment results (updated)

As avocado growers in Australia we pay levies to conduct research.  Our peak body (Avocados Australia) have a project currently running that is assessing the quality of fruit purchased at retail.  Given the emphasis we place on growing quality avocados at Avowest we were keen to see how our fruit rated.

Our first results (the first 20 fruit) is published here: Avowest Quality results

Over our harvest season just completed Yr2020, 70 avocados were assessed.  We got off to a flying start with our first 20 fruit having no faults.  The next 50 avocados had three faults, giving us about a 4% fault rate overall. 

There is always room for improvement and we have already looked at what can be done to improve this.  Avowest cannot guarantee our avocados because we lose control once they leave our farm. 

We still really want your feedback on whether you purchased a really good one or a really bad one.  You can let us know via Instagram, Facebook or through our Contact Us page.

Lookout for our Avowest Avocados sticker

Avowest Avocados sticker

The full quality reports are below

*In the study fruit are considered acceptable quality to consumers if less than 10% of flesh is damaged by bruising, rots, vascular browning or flesh discolouration.

About the quality monitoring program

Project AV19003 has been funded by Hort Innovation using the avocado research and development levy and funds from the Australian Government.

The project commenced in May 2020 and will continue for 3 years, undertaking regular (nearly weekly) assessments of avocado quality at retailers in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide. At least 567 separate quality assessments will be made each year.

Results from this program will help avocado suppliers and retailers identify quality improvement opportunities in real-time, as well as providing an objective measure of how well the avocado industry is tracking on their mission to improve the consumer eating experience of avocados. 

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