The World has changed

March / April 2020

Well the world has changed.  Covid-19 has certainly changed the way we live and there is a bit to go yet.  The market for premium avocados has held up reasonably well, but blemished avocados were mostly sold in the food service industry which has taken a major hit. 

Consumers aren’t shopping as often, so Haley has prepared some information on how to store your avocados if you’re only shopping once a week.  While you are there don’t overlook the blemished avocados.  They taste just as good and food waste is never a good thing.  At Avowest, we are still about three months from harvest so who knows what things will look like then.

The plight of people who have lost their job because of shutdowns is very distressing.  I’m proud to say that Avowest has increased its employment hours in the past two months to help in our own small way.  We have had to put some major projects on hold until we can see where things are going though.

Avowest’s farms occur in different regional areas of WA so going through the roadblocks adds a bit of excitement to the day.  We were pretty good at social distancing before Covid-19 so we have taken that in our stride. 

Sam bogged in soft sand

This time of the year is a good time for planting (excepting the record 39oC day we had on Saturday 11th April).  As per usual we add a lot of mulch to sites before planting.  Sam has taken the bullet for this smelly job.  Apart from getting bogged in soft sand he’s been pretty cheerful about it.   Our netted area is finished and our nursery has high quality trees ready to go.

At the Gingin farm, Arthur has been doing some light pruning and has taken some nice video of this with his new drone.

At Carabooda though I’ve put the big pruning grapple on our excavator to sleep until spring.  All our prunings are mulched on site so their carbon can be stored in the soil.  There is always a lot of machinery and irrigation maintenance to keep us busy.

Our crop is looking reasonably good.  We have survived the summer heat.  Just need to navigate through winter storms.  It’s been really dry so some rainfall would be much appreciated.  Stay safe and smash your avocado at home.


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