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Why Buy an Avowest Avocado

Quality is our focus

It’s all about quality.  No one tries harder than the staff at Avowest to grow good quality avocados.  Our quality is the best for several reasons.

We have confidence at Avowest that we do whatever we can to supply the highest quality avocados with superb flavour.  We know from our own inspections and assessments that our avocados have a low incidence of fruit rots and bruising damage.  Avowest would love to guarantee our fruit quality at the point of sale.  Unfortunately, once it has left our farm, we have limited control. 

At Avowest we really appreciate any feedback you have whether good or bad.  Any problems that appear to be occurring consistently can be investigated.  We want our consumers to get a good avocado every time and hopefully your feedback can help this.

Help us out

One of the biggest problems for consumers buying avocados is bruising injury.  Unfortunately, a lot of this is caused by people squeezing avocados in shops looking for a ripe one.  You might squeeze five avocados to find one that is “just right”.  You now have your perfect avocado and five bruised avocados finding it. 

If you can find avocados that are olive brown like the image below they are almost always ready to eat.

Hass Avocado Ripe colour (Olive Brown)

This olive brown colour is the perfect stage to eat Hass avocados.  As they ripen further, they become a more purple / black colour.  Some people prefer eating them at this stage as they are softer but there is also more likelihood of bruising and rots.

Remember that you can put them in the fridge when they have started ripening.

A Hass avocado that has ripened beyond its green colour will usually last in a fridge for up to a week.

I hope these articles will give an insight in how we have achieved this and our future endeavours.

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